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Your right to politics

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Politics is the art of living together.

Trough it we can influence what you want the future to be like for us and your children.

Our right to know about who is governing our town, our province or our country, is something to be enjoyed, and harnessed.

We don't want someone pocketing our taxes, when together we voted that person to lead our towns direction.

We don't want a someone up there, whose ambition has nothing to do with our towns future, but mostly how to use time in office for personal gain.

Here in the Philippines we are blessed with many politicians, truly a good omen.

We want an able person who cares about each of us, our families and our neighbors families, about our rights and freedoms. Who protects and beautifies the environment, helps bring in money. Makes the rules good and simple. We want to know that as long as we are not cheating anyone, we'll be safe. We want it to be easy to do things, to create some fruits for ourselves or to share. We want someone who he will do his best in his given time for all the people.

Someone who will care about the lives of everyone. So that it's nice to walk there, people are happy! There is peace. There is respect. Things work. The nature is protected, it is radiant. The parks are maintained, they are worth a regular trip. We want to be proud of our leaders, our town and country.

Nationalism is beautiful, but world citizenship, now that can be something to look forward to.

Voting for a president in any country, is voicing out the future one want for the world, this planet.

Am I going to like my town in 1 year, 5 years, 50 years from now?

Yes please.

So politics... yes. A decent serving please.

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