About Us

About us

ArT GrOUP Members / Main interests:

Emmanuel V. d'Aboville : Website designer, Writer, Painting, Music

Jeona Z. d'Aboville : Visual Artist, Painter, Installation Artist, Gardening

Dondi Katigbak : Sculpture, Writing, Music

Paul Mondok : Photographer, Painting, Writing

Christopher M. Sarmiento : Musician, Comics, Sewing

Liezl N. Zoleta : Mixologist, Sewing, cooking, Sketching

This website is a guide for ladies and gentlemen.

We are late genXers, that have most often arrived too late for vinyls and are still catching up on lithography. First in line for the internet boom,

We want to keep the lessons from the past to build a better future.

We are a group of artists documenting these times we are living, through art. And Art has a purpose, it is there to open your mind. It is a search for truth, beauty and freedom.

To remember who we truly are.

As Citizens of the Planet we care for the well being and Perenity of the Earth's  ecosystem.

© In Mandala Art

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