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About this website

This website is created by Emmanuel d'Aboville. It is a blog where was first published book 7 of the Book of Life : Applied Philosophy.

It show-cases Art by his friends and family.

This website is a vitrine for the artist-group and the band : In Mandala.

The band is currently in creation.

Bellow here some actors of the artist group (and their specialties):

Jeona Zoleta-d'Aboville : Painter, videographer, visual artist, comics, keyboard.

Liezl Zoleta : Sewing, Illustration, mixologist.

Dondi Katigbak : Sculpture, painting, drums.

Chris Sarmiento : Guitarist, luthier, comics

Paul Mondok : Photography, Gardening, Visual Artist.

Gemar Sapallida : Film editing, taekwondo, cycling, guitar.

Emmanuel d'Aboville : Writer, Voice/Ukulele, illustrator, and Engineer.

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