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About this website

In Mandala is a philosophy.

A Mandala in the Buddhist religion is an abstract representation of the universe in its perfection.

We try to remind our readers of this perfection, all this is developed in the Book of Life (by Emmanuel).

It is a band and an artist group.

This website is created by the founder of the group Emmanuel Valenzuela d'Aboville. 

It show-cases visual, literary, and musical art.

This website is a vitrine for the artist-group and the band both named: In Mandala.

  • The band is currently in creation.


It was founded in Manila-Philippines in 2014, and moved to France in 2021.

The band's lyrics are extracts of the poetry book The Search for Love and Self.

  • The artist group: Below are some team members (and their specialties):

Jeona Zoleta-d'Aboville : Painter, videographer, visual artist, comics, keyboard.

Liezl Zoleta : Sewing, Illustration, mixologist.

Dondi Katigbak : Sculpture, painting, drums.

Chris Sarmiento : Guitarist, luthier, comics

Paul Mondok : Photography, Gardening, Visual Artist.

Gemar Sapallida : Film editing, taekwondo, cycling, guitar.

Emmanuel d'Aboville : Writer, Voice/Ukulele, illustrator, and Engineer.

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