• Emmanuel V. d'Aboville

Depression a luxury of the time

Depression is a luxury I have over-enjoyed in my young adult life.

Being hurt because people don't treat you as you'd want.

Or worrying about the future.

It's the luxury of time to overthink, to ruminate in ones problems.

It's a reality lots of us face. It will consume you and your time if you let it.

A journey through depression, is about learning to tame your demons.

The harsh realities of life are facts to be dealt with, to be accepted.

The harsh realities of life are to be embraced.

In life we all will get hit and fall, but it's not about that.

It is about getting up fast, faster...

Making the best of today.

Dealing with defeat calmly and with a clear mind, is a mark of strength, it can be innate but it can also be learned.

It's about seeing how lucky we are to have a chance on such a journey.

By now there are no problems that haven't been experienced previously.

I can lament and complain or I can be exited for another day, another opportunity.

To put on a good fight and do our best.

Because having lots of problems, is like having lots of things to fix. Opportunities to make a better place of the world.

They are a blessing, they are Your unique opportunity.

It's your responsibility, because you can be a good man.

And a good man must show future generations that good men make it.

No one can take away your dignity that is a choice we take for ourselves.

The only choice is to live.

The only choice is to stand tall, and take it.

-For yourself and for the team.

To be worthy of the gift of life, to build a good one.

To make today worth it, to have a long list of days well lived.

To be all that you can be, humble, strong, and to slowly collect a long list of problems fixed!

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