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Musicians - Tuning into the same frequency

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

It takes just a moment for anyone in the team.

As the youth and wise cohabitate.

Each of us have our strengths and weaknesses.

But it doesn’t mater because we are a group.

We live in the present trying to make some sense with a sequence.

For this. Sometimes we repeat a formula sometimes we write the story live. And other times or usually it’s a bit of both.

We owe it to enjoy the experience of the process.

Even if the pains of the adventure are atrocious.

We share a musical voice. And must communicate, and enjoy, and make it pleasant. Decent. Admirable.

Yes indeed, without music life would lose a bit of it’s value. If the music died it would be the end of time as we know it... a piece of the puzzle wouldn’t be complete. No, there will be no such atrocities.

The band must go on, and troubadours are tasked to repeat there joyful, or not so joyful, songs or voyages. A labour of love that they must give in servitude in all eternity.

To give some entertainment for the gods that watch us from Olympus. For our salvation.

We must add the music to life, the winding road, the fleeting emotion, the ride, the illustration... and we must paye tribute to it, and celebrate it’s happening.

At least for a moment!

Take the time to listen and enjoy!

Happy 40th and so birthmillennium to the harmony of music!

God hear our prayer, Vive la vie !

And Viva la musica !

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