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Do not cut trees?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Humans are said to be the only beings to write "do not cut trees", on paper produced from trees. There is here a major contradiction certainly synonym of lack of understanding and confusion.

On one hand the ambition to preserve our planet and on the other our need to produce and live our lives consuming the resources we need as humans.

Since man has become man, he has used the resources available to him in the world that surrounds him. Cutting wood has allowed him to create tools, build his shelter and create clean parcels of land to grow crops on.

Yes we need to keep our activities sustainable for future generations but no we do not need to stop cutting trees.

Man with his understanding of the world can do both, as long as he takes account of his knowledge regarding these activities.

The science of forestry is a mature one, the information we have allows us to make use of the forest in a sustainable way without sacrificing the planet and its sustainability for our children and their children.

About growing meat for eating. Meat is a high energy food, the availability of affordable meat is good for everyone and allows for less poverty. The question of ethics regarding killing living animals is one each individual can ask himself. I am personally happy to add a bit of fish, chicken, rabbit, pork, or beef... in my cooking. As long as we do not over do it, it can stay sustainable.

Even hunting which can be seen as pure evil, is an art that can be done sustainably.

We need the proper rules, and apply them strictly.

That way we can do both :

- Keep the arts of wood working, cooking and even hunting .

- keep the virgin forest, keep our pristine oceans healthy, conserve biodiversity, and keep our mother nature strong and thriving.

So educate yourself. And once you know what is good for the planet, in your mind and in your heart. You will apply this important knowledge of sustainable practices, and embrace the responsibility you have for your species and your world. Because it is the responsibility for each of us.

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PS. Today we are still cutting virgin forests at an alarming rate, this is a problem of great concern. Some of the main causes are the need for more palm oil plantations that are mainly used as a cheap oil for the the big market of ultra processed foods. And a far too big of a demand for meat, that requires more and more land to grow the extra extra crops needed to feed the extra cattle.

PPS. We must double our nature reserve, before we triple them...

PPPS. I would hate to hurt your feelings, but I clearly have no shame saying, I killed a pig once, and had a good dinner that day... I killed two rats that were trespassing in my home looking to eat my groceries. And I often hunt cockroaches.

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