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Thoughts in the first steps of Parenthood

Updated: May 24, 2020

Parenthood has come for me quickly after I have found my partner. A solid couple is all one needs to do the big leap.

Being a parent is the ultimate responsibility, there are no trial babies, once the baby is in conception 9 month later a living baby human will be born and there will never be any turning back, and this is a responsibility for life.

One can never be fully ready to start the ride, but things like a financial situation, and proper maturity are key. A loving couple... A baby has needs that will just keep growing as it gets older.

But there is no right time for this.

I personally haven't given much thought about my situation (I should have more...), but I was just ready to be a father and start a family with the mother of my child.

The nine months of gestation have given me some time. It was a big time of change which have allowed me to be readier the day our baby was born.

Our goal is to raise a good, happy, strong and able human. I am not always sure of everything but I keep faith. My partner has her own vision, and I have started this with her.

There is no turning back. Our Son needs the both of us. And if we can stay at peace (not always a given) we can create a good environment of love and harmony to help him grow up with the right tools for life.

I have made my choice we are in this together, our son will be brought up with our two opinions, our two ways,

The birth of our son, has brought in so many new important subjects, for which we disagree. We have discovered very different ideologies, and ways in which we resonate differently... It has been source of disagreement and conflict.

But it's decided, it's contractual, our little family is in this together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

PS. And If you have a child - You are not allowed to fail.

PPS. The power of Christianity and religion has given me strength to endure, and keep hope regarding my end goal.

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