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The time of the Golden Bow

Updated: May 12, 2020

We all long for a time where things work, when we achieve a way of being that is acceptable to the social and ethical rules of the world.

The time of the Golden Bow is a reaching of maturity, a time that follows winter, when the moon has reached it's peak and now descends.

It's a time of reaping, a time for important things in life like building a family.

For all of us humans to get to this state, one will have successfully combated his daemons, faced the great fears of life, and has come to a mature understanding of the world. He will have cultivated himself in his varied field of interest - allowing for a participation to the world, that comes with compensation.

It is a time of love and strength.

The golden bow will belong to those who believe in love, and in the triumph of good over evil.

It nurtures existing love and protects from danger.

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