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Quitting Cigarettes Journal Part 2.1

Updated: May 12, 2020

I've quit smoking dozens and dozens of times.

I am trying again today Saturday 12/03/2019 3:59pm

Reasons for quitting :

1. So that I can hold my son and take care of him at any given moment.

2. Save money.

3. Protect the health of my entourage that doesn't smoke.

4. Stop polluting my body and spoiling my health.

5. Stop contributing to adding more cigarette buds to our environment - protect nature.

6. Be good to my loved ones.

7. Be a better more decent individual.

8. Prove to myself I can do this.

The success of this venture depends a lot on the solidity of my decision.

Quitting smoking is hard, there will be cravings.

Remember my reasons for quitting.

Replace the many hours spent smoking with useful activities.

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