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A clear point for clean energy

We are in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, more than half the countries in the world have decided to lock down. People are ordered to stay home in order to limit contagion of the virus, in order to put less strain on our hospitals who are not equipped for this surge in sick people.

Even if our chances of dying from the virus are slim (statistics show that anywhere in the world your chances of dying from drowning are twice as much as dying from the virus...), our governments want to protect every single human life. Specially our seniors. And life is indeed precious.

But the massive halt in the economy we are experiencing is showing us something important to take note of.

One of the first things I have noticed as I was stranded and locked up in my home in Metro Manila, was how the sky so quickly magically transformed. Just after a few days of lock-down. The sky turned back to a clear vivid blue, which until now I have only experienced in the country side or in countries that are high in clean energy.

This blue sky and all these birds now freely singing their songs of joy as the world quiets down, are now gracing every single one of us... they are a sign. A sign to the youth and all future leaders. It is a sign to all environmentalist. It is a sign of hope that we are not lost. That nature and the planet responds very quickly to our changes in behavior, and to the gifts we give her.

The battle to safe guard the earth is far from won, it will be a constant important question for generations to come, the majority needs to be aware, so the officials it elects can be in concordance with reality. The reality of leaving the earth cleaner and better for our children then when we have received it.

Today, the signs are clear ; we must know with out doubt, of the benefits and impact, of what the use and shift towards clean energy can and will produce. For humanity and the planet.

The usual murky water of Manila Bay clears up in some areas as the natural harbor rests from usual human activities amid Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine (March 2020).

In India where 1,3 Billion people are right now in quarantine, the Himalaya is visible more than 200km away, for the first time in 30 years.

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