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Quitting Cigarettes Journal 2.2

Updated: May 12, 2020

The most addictive drug in the world.

I've quit smoking dozen and dozens of times.

But it doesn't stick... For some reason in my mind there must be something good about this pass-time.

This entry is about the positive things I see about cigarettes.

There are a few smokers left in the world, this little club has it's perks.

It's nice to be with a fellow smoker and share a smoke, time flies when your puffing away. Usually good conversations follow punctuated by artificial clouds that magically appear and slowly vanish as the smoke glides out into the air.

That's one...

I don't think there are many though...

But there is one more.

A smoker holds the light.

He controls fire, and has it on demand.

If you need to light your fire place ask a smoker.

If your at kiddie birthday party and it's time to light the cake, just ask a smoker.

To have smoker friends is a good omen, they give you good company, good conversations... and they will always be happy to share the light!


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