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Psych-K and the Love Method:

Updated: May 12, 2020

Two Methods in the foot-steps of Psycho-analysis, methods to help improve the Psyche.

There are those of us who worry a lot, this stress can be painful and can also hinder us in achieving our full potential.

These methods can help a lot and here is my experience and description of these therapies for the soul.

Psych-K was invented in the USA, with the philosophy of adding spirituality to guidance counseling and psychology. I have truly been amazed by this generous invention... I am an electric engineer that has been dealing with schizophrenia. There are many ways to fix broken souls, maybe as many as there are human beings, but if you come across Psych-K in need, it will be worth your time. Psych-K is a precise science, with tools to directly repair our psyche. It understand human problems well. And it's practitioners are powerful healers. 

Psych K lets us access the subconscious self and allows us to do modification. Through simple muscle tests we can read inside the unconscious, and than repair the wrong thought processes.

I say with out a doubt that Marina (creator of The Love Method) and her knowledge of  this science, has helped me find a better cleaner psyche. Helping me achieve a better self.


The author of the article, is a certified Love Method practitioner and is available for sessions.

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