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Life and Choice

Updated: May 12, 2020

Do we have a choice? If one is surfing through life why even ask the question... But if one is experiencing hardship it is quite interesting to ask oneself if he has chosen this life and if one actually has a choice in improving his situation.

Are we just constantly reacting to what the world puts on our way? Is that reaction, a construct of what life we had before? Are we programmed to react the way we do?

Certainly our choices are limited, the law of physics for one extremely limits them.

Do we have a choice? Much seems to push towards the negative. Life may have very well made us what we are, good or bad... But this is far too sad an answer...

Choice is limited but choice is there. And freedom of choice can be harnessed. Control over our lives is something we can nurture and grow.

The first choice we have is the thoughts that we have towards what happens to us. When a man matures, he realises he can chose how to react and even feel towards any given situation.

As a human if I had a choice, I would chose the good life.

I would want it all now, but that choice is not available.

Or is it not.

I chose happiness and peace. And I have acheived more of it. Over the years of my adulthood I have slowly given myself that choice. It is an example of the choices I have made for my self.

Choice may be limited but it is there.

"I can chose to do today what I need to do so that tomorrow I can do what I want"

I can guide my life, direct it towards what I chose.

And I can improve my freedom of choice in time.

Failure or success is therefore a choice.

And I believe that even the weakest minds can learn to govern themselves.

We chose what to do with the life that has been given to us.

Humans are free, humans have a choice.

"I am the captain of my ship." and I guide it to where it goes.

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