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How to rate people? And why?

Updated: May 12, 2020

What are the good traits of people? What are the best qualities you can find in your fellow man?

Certainly this is a bit different regarding our tastes and personalities.

Good traits you can rate people with :

-personality : sense of humour, humbleness politeness, kindness, respectfulness, loving, knowledge, sociability, forgiveness, confidence, just/fair, generous.

-ability : know-how, reliability, experience.

-achievement : successful things produced and done, CV.

-body : plesant looks, able body, strengths, flexibility, endurance.

The universal truth is what is most important, it is also hard to talk about because it is so multifaceted. The universal truth makes us all rise together, it includes the individual and the group. It makes account of all truths and facts. It is very important to be in phase with these truths of the universe.

Rating people properly allows us to grow in the right direction, and to improve our situation as individuals and as a society. By rating people correctly we can - as nations, institutions, or groups of any kind - elect the proper people to lead us to the right way.

Every quality also has it's lesser traits, no one is perfect, we are all unique and different, and variety is a great positive trait of man.

And in order we stay strong in the face of adversity,

For a general, de Villiers, the most able men intouchwith this truth and those that should be prioritized are :

 « The men of action who act like thinkers, who are thinkers that think like men of action."

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