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Finding true Love

Updated: May 12, 2020

What is true love ? True love, is the love for that one particular person in the world with whom you decide to partner. It is the one way we have found that lets a human decide that this other person you meet in life will become your family. In ways it's even more powerful than blood ties.

It is a promise, a vow, it is a decision.

Such a decision comes with maturity. It is about knowing yourself enough to truly know what you want. So that if you find something good, and you make it yours, you will be ready to go the extra mile to keep it. Because everything good takes some effort.

The choice which is here made by two individuals, has to be common.

Both individuals see their partner as a match that can not be surpassed.

Good questions to ponder are,

Can I be forever faithful? Cutting-off all possibility of sexuality with everyone else, is a powerful vow to make.

Are we equal? Does one of the individuals celebrate his partner more than the other?

A solid relationship, knows each other's strength, and accepts, and can deal with their weaknesses.

True love in our world is the happening of a successful marriage, from start to the end of life, it happens in the vastness of time, true love is only known by God.

One can pray for true love, it only helps. Longing for in life, is a little bit like praying. It is an energy emitted into the universe. It creates a small force that one carries and to which the universe reacts. When one is worthy of such, the universe can materialise.

In death, and in every moment that lead to it. When true love is there, the two individuals create a bond, an energy that links them in time and space.

It is one of the life opportunities that is available to us humans. Such is a serious matter as it allows us to create life, human life. It is a common decision to bring young inexperienced humans to maturity. A choice to create life and be responsible for it together.

And life is a complicated matter, where one needs his full wits to survive and blossom.

This choice person (the husband/the wife) is someone you can work with, and whose mind you respect, someone with who you can choose together. And trust each other.

It's goal is to learn to make the union better, it is a new entity that lives and that both individuals guide as they themselves live.

True love is much to do about love.

And History shows that true love is possible.

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