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Big big world

Updated: May 12, 2020

Human connection is a magical thing, during our path through life finding someone you love is a chance.

There are many barriers to love: Difference of culture, behaviour, colour, ethics, capital, cleanliness, status, language... The fact that we are different leads to misunderstanding and incomprehension, and this can lead to fear, war, or indifference.

Racism, elitism, and all lacks in openness are the causes that push people to cross out entire groups of population out of there love list.

It is a terrible sin that limits one's horizon, and brings in negative karma onto oneself. But these fears are also understandable. A lot of us on this planet grow up with a very narrow view of the world, and as we grow we are brought up to encounter and discover new ways and different people. These novelties are bound to create some tension, surprise, and maybe disagreement, but it is important to keep the faith in our fellow human. It is important to not give up on any particular group. This is certainly ethical and generous, but it will also open up ones mind, opportunity, and understanding of the world.

We can remember that we are all part of the same race (as by scientific definition), we all deal with the same main problems, and rejoice to the same things. We are all different but we are also all the same.

The world is big, humans are many, the more open you are to difference the bigger the family.

Do not break people, because people are the most precious thing in our world of humans. To be open is to widen your horizon, to be open is to grow your world, and to grow your capacity to love.

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