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Why are People beautiful?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Is it safe to say all people are beautiful?

Here are some random thoughts about beauty.

The world is beautiful.

Nature is beautiful.

Life is beautiful.

The world, nature, life is imperfect, yet they are beautiful.

Strong is beautiful.

Big is beautiful.

New life is beautiful, therefore small can be beautiful.

The infinitely big is beautiful.

The infinitely small is beautiful.

Kindness is beautiful.

For something to be beautiful, we must also have a notion of what is ugly.

Therefore, for all these things to be beautiful, there must be some ugly things.

Sadness can be ugly.

Weakness can be ugly.

Stupidity can be ugly.

Vanity can be ugly.

Yes some things can be/are ugly...


French proverb "Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas" : one can not have better tastes or color preferences than someone else...

Someone's taste and preference is ultimately the best choice for that individual. It is for him the prettiest, whatever, whoever thinks.

People are beautiful when you love them.

And when that love is full.

These people are perfect.

Beauty is perfect...

Nothing is perfect,




What you love fully is perfect.

How do you love someone fully?

- Free of fault/ or entirely forgiven.

- You are used to each other.

- You love their qualities and accept /and work with their imperfections.

- You understand them.


Can you love something/ or someone fully?


There is no such thing as perfect and yet..,

What you love fully is necessary and sufficiant, it is whole, it is beautiful, it is perfect...

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