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Am I the Anti-Christ?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Is this a relevant question?

Am I on the dark side of the force?

What is good and Evil? Is there such a thing?

Some Philosophers say all evil ain't as bad as we may say it is?

And then there is murder.

The history of the world is in us, it has shaped us, the messages of our precursors have shape us and our world. The greatest of those who come before us, have entered our collective consciousness.

It is relevant to say I am Jesus or I am Siddartha... but it is also relevant to say I am Hitler or Idi Amin, because their influence over the world good or bad has entered every single one of us.

We are not perfect. This does not matter... But if one thinks he is the anti-Christ that has come to destroy the world, what then?

For one, the prophecy tells us he is bound to lose. He will first trick the world into placing high regard on his person, but will ultimately fail. This can't be a nice life.

But thanks to this message the world has hope. That if there is such a thing as good and evil, the force shall ultimately rise and create the heavens right here on earth.

Is this the end of time? Is this the cryptic apocalypse which the bible talks about.

Life will end, that is how life and the universe works. And death comes to each individual which participates to the great chain.

Everyone dies, and does it all matter when you are back to dust? A very old say tells us, all a man has is his time. And in this we are all equal.

If I am the anti-Christ, I would hope for a good world. I would do my mission for the world to get to what it's worthy of.

The happier we all are, the better it is for each and everyone.

If I am the anti-Christ I am an active participater to the prophecy. And my evident failure is something I must live with. And so be it.

In the mean time I must do my best, and I am counting on myself.

I truly hope I am not the anti-Christ, I would rather live a long life. Get a glimpse of the beauty that we are destined to.

May the world of life, continue for a while, may it be on earth as it is in heaven. And may our addictions be forgiven.

May the prophecy come, and may it be as heavenly as us happy kids could ever dream it is.

Peace and peaches for one and all... And not too many cigarettes...

Amen As-Salam-Alikum, Shalom to all Om!

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