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Updated: May 12, 2020

What is the meaning of life? Very interesting question and just as complicated.

To live, also means to die.

To live what does it mean? To eat to poop? to Breath? as plants do... To participate.

To move? to scavenge for food? to play? to pray? to be happy ? to be funny?

To be righteous? To be truthful?

To pass by?

To be born! To die. To live or have lived.

One could loose himself in such questions.

Many things have been said about life.

Life follows some rules. It has it's ecosystem. It follows the physics of the universe.

To be responsible? Yes!

Oh life, wonderful gift.

Oh life, thank you for company.

Thank you for the Bees, the Butterflies, the Peach trees, and the milking cow.

Thank you for my friend the dog, and my friend the Carabao.

You help me achieve much, and your company is truly something I am gratefull for.

Maybe the true question is, who made life?

What made life, what decided the rules?

Life belongs to the Universe.

The Universe belongs to life.

Life resembles the stars.

The stars have sent us the atoms and building blocks necessary for us to live.

There many galaxies in the Universe.

The odds make life possible

Oh Beautiful, fragile, strong, ephemeral, enduring, magical chain of Life.

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