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The 7 best things about Hydroponics

Updated: May 12, 2020

This morning I did the course at Urban Greens Manila about hydroponics.

R. Becker has provided us with all the important material about this science, in our Hydroponics 101 class.

This article is therefore about the positives things I have noted about this new/alternative farming practice :

#1. Food can be created in an urban setting, anywhere in fact. It's a way for everyone to grow food right at home.

#2. It is not messy

#3. and the work load is not intensive.

#4. Plants seem to be quite happy even in this new/foreign setting, which shows on their appearance and taste.

#5. A system can even be built DIY.

#6. It is easy to get a hold of what you need in our local market.

#7. Investing on a system reduces unnecessary trips to the grocery, and provides you with affordable food.

#8. I already said it, but yup, these plants taste delicious.

The quick tour has gotten me convinced, and I am getting on to find my home solution right away, and looking forward to providing some genuine, and tasty greens for the whole family and friends,

Time to get on the drawing board! And, set to go!

Simple system with lights and pump.

Checking out the basil production.

Free starter kit given to us at the end of class.

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