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2000 years on the calendar - Living in groups

Updated: May 11, 2020

Have we in 2000 years learnt how to live together better?

Is the world more civilized?

We have built ourselves cities all around the globe, and civilization has ended up defining the world of men. No man isn't affected by how it has completely conquered the globe, and civilisation fits us humans well. The same way a cellphone benefits each and everyone’s ability to communicate, civilisation improves all lives.

But apart from this has the world become more honest, kinder, more generous? More civilized?

In truth the world hasn't changed so much,

Many countries haven't yet learned the lessons of war, and the benefits of peace. Is it such a part of man that some of us have suffered so much in the hands of others that we must continue forever this vicious cycle of never ending hate and revenge.

Have prisons in the world started getting emptier? Even when god comes to us to tell us we should love and respect one another it seams we are stuck in our ways. Seriously, as if man as a society is ultimately flawed.

It is the reality of man, for such things are from the very start part of him.

But there is progress, there is hope. There is hope for more freedom, more peace and more love. More happy strong nations of liberty, and even more for the united nations of such.

Maybe pray a little or,

Kill them with kindness,

Turn the other cheek,

Look the other way, or not,

Live your very own good life.

My understanding of evil is that even in the ultimate utopia we are destined to, men will still have to keep on learning to live together side by side, to not step onto each others toes, and at the same time share our strenghts. Darkness also provides space for the light to shine. There is still room to grow. Because we have always had evil, it was always there, and will always be. But/And that special thing called paradise; well we can get there, we are there already, and have always been.

Utopia? May we mix and debate, may we take into account all qualities, and find the middle ground that fits us all as a group. May we finally see that we are all of us not so different after all.

As sure as death is a part of life, the universe is the same for everyone and,

Darkness is only defined by it being the absence of light, in truth, there is only love.

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