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2000 years on the calendar - Technology

Updated: May 11, 2020

What can we say about the world of men, and it's evolution since it has been written for us to remember?

Progress is evident.

Our understanding of the laws that govern our world have allowed us to build new tools for ourselves, that have facilitated and quickened our varied activities.

New technologies must certainly change our world of men, but to what extent and what are the losses we encounter with the apparition of these new tools?

Did the automotive industry make us more lazy?

Did the multiplication of eateries at every corner make us less capable of cooking oneself a decent meal?

Yes a little bit? No.

Have we forgotten how to work with our hands with the apparition of machines?

Have our thought processes deteriorated with the advent of modern technology?

No, and no.

All these new tools create an advancement in a particular field and by no mean have negated or rendered obsolete our old ways.

"analogue to digital back to analogue?"

That is not the question.

If I wanted to print a document and mass produce it myself entirely DIY (maybe for feeding the ego, for lack of better, maybe for art) certainly I would start with some form of press, or maybe get into silk screen printing. These options are for sure more at reach then building a EPSON printer and programing an interface from scratch. It will forever have it's uses and advantages.

Analogue is still here, it's loss in novelty has simply shifted to a mature technology that has produced it's fruits and stays in the base of the pyramid of knowledge where it serves as foundation, and still keeps it's purpose and what it was designed for.

The truth is the world hasn't changed that much, and our basic pyramid of needs hasn't changed at all.

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