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The book of Life is an art book that summarizes what are the opportunities humans have and can aim for in life.


It’s a reminder of Heaven and a guide to get there.


It is an art book that assembles important concepts and values, that can help us live together, on a planet that us humans must shepherd.


It recounts the journey of a schizophrenic that never gave up and made it good. Building a life, finding financial autonomy and starting a family. Another example proving that everyone can make it.


The book of Life was predicted in the bible 2000 years ago. Described in the book of Revelations. It is for us all a reminder of God at the start of the 3rd millennium after Jesus Christ. A symbol of his continued presence, that he has always been with us and will always be.


The book of life will make you believe in magic, and empower you to make a difference. By guiding you to a simple life full of meaning, which is the true measure of a life well lived.


Click here to Look inside (available on a laptop)



The Book of Life - eBook

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