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Prose : the environment

Updated: May 11, 2020

(A balade around the environment, humans, time and life)

The Earth as we know it will change. Climate has notable changes every few hundred years.

Every hundred thousand years there is an ice age that lasts 4 times longer then the warm peak we are experiencing now.

Around the time of the dinosaurs the planet was on average 12*C warmer

250 Million years before that much of the earth was frozen solid.

Wouldn't it be nice to live on other planets, colonize Mars, and anything approaching livable living conditions? To push the limit of man... To see how solid life truly is?

And wouldn't it be nice that humans are still here in 250 Million years?

Experiencing what the earth will look like then? And every climate in between?

To learn to farm new conditions. Pushing it to the extreme, to survive even as the wild life mutates.

That would be cool, to "keep" our genome and to experience all these successions of worlds? To make history..

Let's protect wild life, give it energy, time, and passion. We have taken most of the world's living places. Spots with Free nature are rarer and rarer. We need to help it strive too. We need to keep her along side us.

Is there only 10% of forest left? Today we are still taking these places from mother nature.

More than a million hectares of rain forest are lost every year. OMG why?

We can each choose what to do here. We can contribute to this massacre or we can act in holistic ways that protect the natural Habitat.

The individual is smart. Can change his mind. A human is adaptable.. it survived two ice ages already. It is smart. And humans care about the future of the planet.

Today the earth is warming up fast. Humans have influenced great change in the Earth's climate.

What to do?

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