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Marijona marijona


I fixed myself just enough

To catch a diamond in the rough

Majona all the signs are there

Your world of unicorns and care bears

The most hard core world of rainbows

The radest ever solo dance show

Joy essence explosion

The epiphany of pink fashion

You must be my Cleopatra

Because you make me want to La La La

La la la do re mi fa

Do si la sol fa mi re do

You are the bomb

The essence of my song

You make me want to dance

You make me want to sing

You make me want to discover the secrets of the bling

Majeona the prophecy is true

The way of life for only few

That spreads and spreads and overgrows

Together with The dark and all of our shadows

Mind is strong vibration is right

Will never give up in this fight

For god and king for concrete and meadows

Many now know and will start to follow

Peace between the forces

Calms your head and all the voices

It's not any more you complete me

We trade what's lacking the epiphany of me(s)

Majona majona


I’ve seen god

Majona majona


I've reached the joyful time singular explosion of pleasure

Majona majona


I seek no more

I build an empire and to be your king

Just sing la la la

La la la

Do re mi fa

Do si la sol fa mi re do

I have been stupid and I have been careless

For you, I discover and fix all the mess

Majona majona


A continuous bing bang of vibrations in my chore

A relaxing tune oozes from my pores

Majona majona


Will you marry me

And die together in the eye of a typhoon

Far, far away together into the deep sea…

Where The light and the shadow dances and blooms

Majona majona

I'm yours forever

Treat me well do what you will

I am at your mercy

Trade energy and we be the genie

An undilutable sea

Of endless purity

For all the yous and all the m(es)

I fixed myself just enough

To catch a diamond in the rough

Majona majona


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