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What if Jesus was resurrected?

First of all: let it be know to God be all the glory! It's quite a bold claim to author the Book of Life, but it has a purpose and it is here.

It is a symbol of peace and I am just happy it is now here...

What if Jesus was resurrected? For example, as a lazy schizophrenic. But who could possibly have such an ambition? Who could possibly convince himself that he is Jesus, if not a schizophrenic? And lazy why not, the will of God being certainly more important than hard work... And what would be the contribution of such a being? Obviously if someone today was Jesus reborn, it would be a shame if his contribution to the world was limited... Who else than a schizophrenic could convince himself of such a condition! It is the perfect excuse that could, perhaps, allow such an assertion to pass... So here is the story of such a claim. At 21yo, an apparition came to me, in a dream, in my memories of my young adult life, I see my three wise men who join me in friendship. And who, I concluded later, gave me as gifts the weapons that would allow me to become what I wondered if I really was. Looking back, here are the three lessons I received: First of all, the possibility, the option of dreaming absurd dreams (believing in them, and especially taking action to make them come true). Second, the happiness of philosophizing (the simple pleasure of chatting over a cup, a cigarette in your mouth, and occasionally falling into epiphany). And finally the idea that eventually, maybe, I'm my father's equal (or at least that that would be possible). Is there a price to pay for such a statement? For 12 years after the first apparition, I lived in deep doubt having no idea how I could possibly be what God told me maybe I was… And so a good deal of my life was now spent in my head, imagining the stories that maybe would come true, alternating between ecstasy, and happiness of such a great future self (in other words delusions of grandeur), and paranoid nightmares. I was in my head, either the future prophet or the anti-christ (the worst Being ever known in this world). I alternated my social life being either deeply happy and carefree or in deep discomfort ashamed of all my littleness, walking under the weight of my immense deficit; a real schizo... At 33, I published my first book entitled: The Search for Love and Self; a prayer which, a year later, would be fulfilled; because that is when I met my future wife, who is today the source of my stability, and of my greatest happiness... (This is the point of the book, it's proof that prayers work) She gave me a Bible, and for the first time in the life of a Catholic Christian, I began, a little late, just before I was 34, to read this wonderful and unique work written over several millennia, by the good Lord. And I find there, after many re-readings, the prophecy intended: to write a book called The Book of Life. And I had it, it was already almost finished, and I was practically missing nothing more than the title of these 7 chapters that I was working on, and here it was, falling upon me... My years of doubt, but above all of the perseverance to hang on to life, has given me the courage to finish it, all while knowing the implication, the madness of such a work; since it implied it would then be necessary to market and sell it. But it's the truth, no cheating, just a lasting stubbornness that eventually finds a way. A way that had been written in the Bible all this time. But now what? The lamb broke the 7 seals, he got married. The woman gave birth to a son. It has been done, The Book of Life is now available in this world. So what does it bring? But above all, what should I do now to be up to such a task? The answers are simple. The Book of Life is a reminder of Christian thought, adapted into a Book of Art which is within the reach of any reader. And now how about me... what must I do now? What should I do to prove any worthiness of such? Well quite simply I think such a role would be simple, I would owe to my readers live a good Christian life… To love my wife, to educate my son, to work hard by finding the means to nourish them and especially also to give him the example, and also if possible secondly to help those around me. To make some sacrifice and finally prove that such sacrifices pay up. But also to enjoy life, because if Jesus had risen, inevitably he would in turn deserve to rest, to live, to have a family life, and to love tenderly without having anything more to prove. Anyway that's what I would wish for him. The Book of Life is a prayer that all us happy children ask from God, quite simply that the world improves, that it finds peace, and also that they each be able to meet their second half, and to create a family. happy and united, so that humanity (the world, ours) advances and continues. And to remind those who have forgotten, that paradise exists, that when we die, we are reborn into eternal life, in heaven, into a world more beautiful than anything we could have imagined. Here then is the role which remains to be lived; it is to remember that paradise exists and that it will come to the good on earth. To remember the happiness of doing your duty, of living for others, and of never giving up! It's quite a bold claim to author the Book of Life, but it has a purpose and it is here.

It is a symbol of peace and I am just so happy it is now here... To God alone be all the Glory! The Book of Life is available on all Amazon platforms. Have a safe journey, and may God be with you!

Emmanuel V. d´A.

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