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Soul Mate

Started out going to your girlfriend

Trying to recommend a friend

You were beside I was mesmerized

Endless pleasure looking in your eyes

Later that night you were sitting and I came

We talk and it will never be the same

My confidence didn't fail me

I got your number and I could go free

Everybody in the world has a soul mate

Called you one night I was still with my girlfriend

Talking's not cheating but I don't recommend

Since then I'll do anything to pull through

Then it was over, had so many things to tell you...

Everybody in the world has a soul mate

To find it you needn't fly straight

Just live your life learning from each other

Don't be afraid to be with another

When I broke up we started texting

Thought it would be the beginning of fling

Until you said I was fucking cookoo

Was too excited I know it's true

Now I'm looking for a way to make it right

Endless thinking through the night

In the end, I'm sorry, I wasn't ready

My precious soul mate

Next time I will be

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