• Emmanuel V. d'Aboville


Most shampoos contain a chemical called Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is mutagenic to animals. When animals in the wild drink water with this chemical, it can be harmful to them. Some shampoos also contain Ammonium Chloride and Methylchloroisothiazolinone, both of which are proven to be harmful to the environment.

That’s why we at In Mandala support brands like Love, Beauty and Planet - https://www.lovebeautyandplanet.com/ph/home.html -, who create products that are friendly to the environment.

Traditional soap though is not a threat it is also important especially during this pandemic. You should wash your hands and keep good hygiene to stay healthy. Studies show that soap compounds break down long before they can pose an environmental threat. ... According to a new meta-study, in which international scientists examined in 250+ soaps, it appears that traditional soap is not as harmful to the environment as we previously thought.

Traditional cosmetics, toiletries and sunscreens do the most damage to the environment once they are washed away down our sinks. From our sinks, the chemicals are released into our lakes, streams, rivers, and public water systems, damaging wildlife and flora and fauna. It is not just aquatic life that is impacted. If you're going to use cosmetics consider one that is safe for the environment (they are easy to look for).


And try this zero waste sunscreen (local, and safe for our reefs!):


Going make-up free and using vinegar and baking soda to clean, instead of products that are bad for the environment is one alternative. But if you really have to have your make-up and shampoo make it environment friendly!

It is important that the consumer takes his responsibilities, and also that all brands become aware of the problems they cause, so that we all shift towards a clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly market place. We hope that the lawmakers on a National and International level will quickly make it illegal to pollute the planet, and it is through our actions and awareness as individuals that this will be possible.


Dondi Katigbak and Emmanuel d'Aboville

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